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Inkspott Features

  • What is is the ultimate website for readers and writers. Where most of the existing writing sites out there are either or, we offer a complete experience for our users. Authors can create pages that showcase their work, style and talent. They can also sell their digital books, join the community and create a group to communicate directly with readers and fans. Readers can search the directory for new authors in the genres they love, follow them on the community, communicate directly, rate and review, and buy new books at great prices, all in one place! We've even made it easy for authors who are looking for agents or publishers to upload their sample material to a secure environment, that's only accessible to agents and publishers who are members of this site. If they like what they see, agents and publishers can contact authors directly too. Because you shouldn't need ten different sites to do all those things, and more. So we made one.  
  • Where does work? works in most parts of the world, however, if you want to buy books on inkspott, you need to be able to make payments by PayPal or Square, and if you want to sell books on the site, you do need to have a PayPal account to receive payments. Ensuring that you can make and receive payments in your area is entirely your responsibility, and is not liable for any losses that might occur as a result of payment related issues. might also be blocked in certain countries or regions, due to local laws and internet protocols. Again, this is outside of our control, and the onus is on the user to ensure that they are able to access the site in any area or region. Once downloaded, any books that are purchased from will still be accessible, even if you move to an area where inkspott is not available for any reason.  
  • Why did you create

      We realised that there are too many steps between readers and writers. There's one site to buy books on, another to view information about authors, and then there's social media to connect. It shouldn't be that complicated. So we built one site that brings all of these things, and more, together on one easy to use platform.  
  • What type of accounts can you have on inkspott?

      Different people want different things from So we created different types of profile to make it easy for them to do those things. Currently, there are three profile types on the site: Authors is tailor made for authors. Especially new authors or indie authors who are looking to build a following on a level playing field. As an author member on, you can: Create an author page Join the community Create your own group to connect with fans Upload books for sale Depending on the type of author membership you have, you may also be able to: Add free downloads to your author page Create online or real world events Run special offers and contests Link to your website and social profiles Upload manuscripts and samples to the agent and publisher area Create news stories and press releases Be featured in their genre We want to make it easier for talented new authors to be discovered, and this site does that, and more! Readers Readers get all the bells and whistles on too: Join the community Add friends Join authors' personal fan groups, and connect like never before Search the author directory by genre to find hot new stories you will love! Buy books at great prices, and get free downloads! Find great author offers and events Review authors and books Don't just read the books. Be part of the process! Find new talent. Tell the world! Communicate with your favorite new writers. Agents and Publishers Last, but certainly not least, you can join inkspotted as an agent or publisher. This account type is designed to be incognito.Join the community as a private user, and have access to all areas of the site, including the agent and publisher only sample and manuscript area. Find hot new talent on your own time, and on your own terms.  
  • Do I have to use all the features on inkspott?

      No. We make all the features available to everyone who uses the site, but it's up to you what you choose to use. You can choose to use every feature that's available to your membership type, or none of them. Either way, we're happy to have you!  
  • Can I delete my account on

      Yes. You are, of course, allowed to delete your personal profile on, and to remove your books from the book store if you've been selling them here. However, if you have added any user generated content to this site, such as an author profile, news releases, reviews and other items, those items are the property of, and we may choose to continue hosting them on this site.  
  • Is available in other languages?

      No. Unfortunately not. We may decide to add more languages as we grow, but for the moment, is only available in English.  
  • Is the site finished?

      Nope. In all honesty, no website is ever really finished. It's always a process and an evolution, and that's what makes them so exciting! As we grow, we'll be adding and changing features to make the site better for our users, and we'd love it if you were a part of the process! Tell us what you think of the site, and suggest features and functions you'd like to see here.  
  • How can I contact

      There are many ways to get in touch with us! Send us an email Follow us on Facebook Or on Twitter Use the ticket system (for logged in members only)  
  • How do I create an author page?

      Creating an author page on is easy! First, you need to register on the site. You'll get an activation email with a link that you will have to click to access your account. Once your account is activated, log in. Go to the Claim Your Page link on the main menu (you'll only see it when you're logged in!) Fill in all the required information, upload your profile pic and header image, select a package (if you want to - basic listings are always free!) and save!  
  • What does an author page cost?

      If you opt for a basic author page, there is no cost for your page, and there never will be. Basic pages include your profile picture, long and short descriptions, a contact email and several other features. Upgraded packages allow you to add external social network accounts, video, image galleries, free downloadable books and links to your website, among other things. The reason we offer this option is because we need to cover the cost of hosting all of that content on this site, and we keep the fees as low as possible - but again, it's entirely optional to upgrade your page, and you are not obligated to do so.  
  • Do I have to sell my books on

      No. You can have an author page on without selling your books here, but you are likely to get better results if you do have books on the site, and we will link them to your author page if you choose to sell them here.  
  • How do I manage my book sales on

      Every author who uploads their book to is assigned a "My Book Seller Account" page, where you can track sales, traffic to your books and more. This page also tracks your earnings and payments.  
  • How can I tell people I am on

      There are many ways to tell your friends, family and fans that you're on! You can post links to your author page or book pages on your social media accounts or your website, or you can use the banners in the Marketing section of your My Book Seller Account on your site or blog. You can invite friends to join the site and the community, or you can make friends with other users. The more people who know you're on inkspott, the better for your sales!  
  • How do I join the community?

      If you have joined, you have already joined the community. Visit the community link on the main menu, and if you are not already logged in, log in with your account information. Add a profile picture and a header image, and then you're pretty much ready to get started!  
  • Can I create a group on the community?

      Yes. Community users can create groups, however, because we want to avoid the sort of spammy groups that are so common on other websites, we're limiting users to one group each at the moment, and we're approving each group manually.  
  • I created a group, but I can't find it!

      We moderate and approve all new groups manually, which means it could take a few days before your new group is live. If it's been a while since you created your group, and you still can't find it, contact us or submit a ticket, including the name of your group, and we'll look into it for you.  
  • How do I create events on

      Event creation on is a feature of paid author listings. If you have a paid listing, you should be able to create and manage events from the My Author Page menu, or, if you don't have a paid listing, you can use the same page to upgrade to a pro package.  
  • How do I add special offers to

      Special Offer creation is a feature of that is available to pro author members only. If you don't have a pro account, you can upgrade on the My Author Page menu, or if you do, you can create or manage your offers from the same page.      
  • Can I add free books to

      You can't upload free books to the bookstore, but you can upload them to your author profile, if you have a pro author package. When you do add free books to your profile on, they are free forever, or as long as you want to give them away. We'll also link to your author page from your paid titles, so that readers who want to try before they buy have the option to download your sample titles there. When creating your Pro Author page, you will be able to upload free book files as "Attachments" on the last page of the registration form.  
  • What are author packages?

      Author packages are the account options that are available for authors on The basic package, which allows you to create an author page without all the added bells and whistles, become a community member and list books for sale on the site is completely free, and will be, forever. Pro packages have more functionality, such as videos, galleries and free downloads, but even so, they're very affordable, because we want to be accessible to everyone. You can upgrade or downgrade your package whenever you choose to, and all authors have access to an easy to use dashboard, located on the author menu at the bottom of each page. This menu is not available to other users.  
  • Can I review myself?

      No. You are not allowed to review yourself on, because that would deliberately mislead readers who trust reviews on this site to make informed decisions about which books they should try next. In fact, in order to ensure that reviews remain a valuable resource, we do cross reference reviews to ensure that they are left by people who have actually purchased a book by the author in question, and we do remove reviews that are found to be fraudulent.  
  • Can I link to books for sale on other sites?

      No. Unfortunately, just like other sites that sell books, we don't allow our users to link to books for sale on other sites. But you're welcome to list the books for sale here! We do also allow pro authors to link to their own websites, but no direct links to other book sales sites are allowed.  
  • Can I upgrade my account later on?

      Yes. You can start with a free author package and upgrade later on, or you can choose to downgrade later on if you prefer. All of these changes are managed through the My Author Page link on the author menu at the bottom of each page.  
  • How do I delete my account?

      If you want to leave, all you need to do is send us an email, asking us to unsubscribe you. You'll be removed from the user list, and all your personal information will be removed from the community, and we will remove all of your books from the store. However, all user created content such as your author profile and any news or press releases you have created will remain on the site. We will reroute all contact information to our own account, so you don't have to receive them.    
  • How do I review authors?

      Reviewing authors on is easy. Simply find the profile you want to review on the author directory, and open the page. In the top right corne of the profile page, overlaying the banner image, you will find an orange button that says Add Review. Click the button, and then add your review. We do moderate reviews, and there are a few rules about what you can and can't do in a review, but as long as you keep it clean, relevant and genuine, you should be fine!  
  • How do I review books?

      All community members can review books on the bookstore. You need to be logged in to review a book, and we do moderate all reviews, and compare reviews with purchases to make sure that they are bona fide.  
  • How do I join

      Joining as a reader is easy. Simply visit the Register page, fill in you information, and choose "reader" from the drop down options at the bottom of the page. You'll receive an activation code by email (be sure to check your junk folder if it doesn't arrive!) Click it, and then your account should be ready to go. Login with your user name and password, and you're all set!  
  • How do I join the community?

      If you have joined, you've already joined the community! If you are prompted for login credentials, you will be able to use the same username and password you use to access the main site to log into the community social network.  
  • Can I invite friends to

      Yes you can! In fact, we'd love you to tell your friends about the site. The more the merrier!  
  • How do I buy books on

      The bookstore is a great place to buy digital books! Because we pay authors one of the best commissions out there, no matter how they price their books, they can sell their books at great prices, and that means you get great deals. Buying books is easy too. Simply search by genre for the books that interest you, and when you're ready, click the Buy button. You'll be taken to PayPal or Square for secure payment via your PayPal account, credit card or debit card, and then your books will be available for download. It's easy, and because all of your financial information is securely held by third party sites, you never have to worry that we'll store your important information here.  
  • Can I contact authors on

      Yes! One of the reasons we created was to make it easier for readers and authors to connect, communicate and share. You can contact authors via the contact information on their author pages, or you can join their group on the community, if they have set one up.  
  • Are reviews moderated?

      Yes. We moderate reviews for several reasons. Firstly, we need to make sure that they are relevant to an author and their books, and not personal attacks. We also need to ensure that they don't use any strong language or profanity, and that they are legible. We also check that the review system is not being abused to post link spam. Finally, we want to be sure that every review on this site is genuine, and therefore helpful, so we take allegations of fake reviews very seriously, and we might require proof that you've purchased a book by the author in question before. Basically, keep it clean, don't make it personal, write it as well as you can. no links please, and make sure it's genuine.  
  • What is, and what is not allowed in my review?

      Generally, we like to encourage honest, constructive reviews of authors and their work. Sometimes, those reviews are great, and sometimes they're less than flattering, and that's fine. However, there are certain things we do not allow in reviews. They include: Personal attacks on authors. If you don't like their work, that's one thing. If you don't like them as a person, that doesn't belong in a review. Profanity is not allowed. If your review contains swearing or cursing, it will be removed. If you're a repeat offender, you will be too. Fake negative reviews. We don't want people to think that they can't trust the reviews on this site, so if we suspect your review might not be genuine, we may require proof that you have purchased a particular author's work in order to provide an opinion. Likewise, fake positive reviews are not allowed. We don't want our readers to form an opinion based on faux reviews posted by your family and friends, and again, we might ask for proof that they have purchased your work in order to leave their review on the site. Legibility. We get it. You're a reader. Not a writer. But if we can't make out what you're saying, your review won't be helpful to our users. Finally, links. We realize that people like to use reviews and comments to post links to their own site or to third party sites. Don't do it. If you abuse the review system to post links, it will be removed, and you will be banned from the site.  
  • Do I need to have purchased a book to review an author or book?

      Yes. We don't allow fake reviews on this site, and we need to know that you've genuinely read the author's work in order to provide an informed and accurate opinion. If you have not purchased a book from the author on this site, we might ask you to provide proof that you've purchased a copy somewhere else.  
  • I believe a fake review has been added to the site

      We take fake reviews very seriously, and if you believe you've received a fake review, or that any other review on the site might be fake, we want to know about it. The best way to let us know is to Submit a Ticket, and send us the link to the profile you believe has the fake review, as well as the text of the review in question. We'll take it from there!  
  • How do I respond to a review?

      If you have received a review that's less than flattering, and it's a genuine review, that doesn't violate any of the review guidelines, you might be tempted to respond with a less than friendly comment of your own. We advise against this. The fact is, there's always going to be someone who doesn't like what you do, and that's okay. There will be plenty who love you too! Avoid getting into arguments or responding negatively to negative reviews. It's more professional, and you'll look like the bigger person if you simply ignore it, or at most, thank the reviewer for their opinion, and tell them you'll take their critique into account for your next book.    
  • Can I have a review removed?

      That depends. Generally, if a review is negative but respectful, not in violation of our review guidelines, and based on a verifiable purchase, we will keep it on your profile. We believe that readers deserve to get a balanced view of authors and their work, and as long as it's not a fake review or an all out attack, even negative reviews can be helpful when making purchasing decisions. The best remedy for one bad review is to get several great ones, so if you have had a less than flattering review, reach out to your fans on the community, and ask them to give you the great ones you deserve!  
  • How to get more good reviews

      How to get more good reviews. That's a good question, with a simple answer: write the best books you can! If you are writing fantastic books that people love reading, you'll quickly build up a fan base, who will be happy to recommend your work to their friends and family, and leave you great reviews.  
  • How do I add my books to

      You'll find a link on the author menu at the bottom of every page, where you can add a book. We'll ask you a series of questions, including the title, subtitle, series name, author or pen name and book description. Then we'll ask for pricing, your cover design, and your book. You will be asked for the word count of your book, and to confirm that it's an original work, that you have the rights to publish, and then it's just to hit "Publish". We'll do a little more reviewing, but before you know it, your book should be live on the store!  
  • What will I earn from book sales on

      Authors earn 90% of the sale value of their books, less any fees related to payment processing. Payments are made when your account reaches a $50 threshold, to minimize the cost of transactions, and you can check what your balance is at any time by logging into your book sales area. Based on current processing fees, at these earning rates, your approximate earnings per sale will be:  
  • How can I track my sales on

      All of your book sales are tracked by your "My Book Seller Account" in the author menu at the bottom of every page. Each book that you have on is listed here, and all your traffic, sales as well as the URL they are associated with. Use those URLs to market your books on other sites, or download your custom sales banners and links from the Marketing area.  
  • When will I get paid for sales on

      In order to reduce the fees that our writers pay, we have implemented a $50 threshold for payments, which is the minimum amount we will pay out to authors in any pay period. If you don't earn that from your sales in any one month, the amount will roll over, and you'll keep accumulating sales the following month until you reach the threshold. Accounts that do earn above the threshold will receive payouts once a month, within three business days of the end of the month. Payments are only made by PayPal, and in order to receive your payments, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid and active PayPal account that can receive payments.  
  • How can I sell more books on

      Selling more books on is the same as selling more books anywhere else: write great books, and do a lot of marketing. Because has marketing features built right in, however, it’s a great place to combine your efforts. Create an author profile, and keep it up to date. Consider upgrading to a paid author profile so you can add videos, social network links, free downloads and more. Create a group on the community. Use the marketing tools in your bookseller area to add banners and badges to your website or blog. Ask friends and family to share your links. Make sure you create your FREE author interview when you sign up. Consider using the paid marketing tools on The more people who see your book on, the more sales you're likely to get. You'll also get more reviews, and grow your fan following on the community. So market, market, MARKET!  
  • What is the minimum I can charge for my books?

      We don't like to dictate what authors charge for their books, however, you should bear in mind that you will be responsible for payment processing fees, which, if though PayPal, will be 2.9% of the value of the sale, plus 35c, and 10% commission on each sale for In order to break even with those fees, you will need to price your books at around 40c a copy. Since you can't have a negative cost per book, you will need to keep your price above that. If you do want to add free books to the site, you're welcome to add them perma free on your author profile, by upgrading to a pro author account.  
  • Can I add free books to

      Yes. You can publish books free on your author profile, but this feature is only available to authors with pro accounts. If you want to add free books to your profile, visit your Author Page dashboard on the author menu at the bottom of each page, and upgrade to one of the paid pro author packages. You will be able to upload your books as file attachments, and they will be displayed on your author page.  
  • What is the community?

      The community is a fully fledged social network. You can add friends, invite them to join, send messages, create and join groups, create status updates and post photos and video. It is open to authors and readers, and it's completely free to join!  
  • How do I join the community?

      If you sign up for, you also automatically get access to the community. All you need to do is create a profile, and start connecting and sharing!  
  • Can I create groups on the community?

      Yes. Currently, to limit the creation of spam groups on, we have limited group creation to one per person, and we moderate the creation of all groups. Groups need to be relevant to the site, and add value for users, so we recommend creating author groups or fan pages, or similar types of group. Groups that are designed for third party sales or non book related probably won't be approved by the adminstrators, so if you want to spam the site, try Facebook instead! But all members of can create a group to promote their work as an author, or to meet fans of a particular author or genre.  
  • Can I add friends on the community?

      Yes! The community is a full social network, so you can add friends, just like you would on other social networks you use.  
  • Can I send private messages on the community?

      Yes. As a fully fledged social network, you can send private, direct messages to users who are your friends on the platform.  
  • Who will see my posts on

      Because is a membership based site, posts on the community are only visible to site members, and because it’s a full social network, there are privacy settings that allow you to choose who sees your posts. Most people opt for friends only, but you can choose to make them public to the whole community too, or anything in between.  
  • Can I add pictures to the community?

      Yes. You can add photos to your own profile and to your groups. There are limitatations on the size of the images you can upload though, so make sure you resize them appropriately before you upload them! Make sure your images are also not infringing on copyright, and that they don't contain graphic violence, hate speech, nudity or pornographic material. We reserve the right to remove any photograph that we deem inappropriate for the community.  
  • Can I add videos to the community?

      Yes. You can add videos to your own profile and to your groups. There are limitatations on the size of the images you can upload though, so make sure you resize them appropriately before you upload them! Make sure your videos are also not infringing on copyright, and that they don't contain graphic violence, hate speech, nudity or pornographic material. We reserve the right to remove any video that we deem inappropriate for the community.  
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