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Tamara Aspeling is a traditionally published non fiction author and long time freelance writer who is originally from South Africa.

Before moving to Canada in 2012, Tamara's first book, Owner Building Made Easy, was published by Random Penguin in South Africa.

She'd already been writing commercially for several years by then, but when the opportunity arose to get back into construction estimating, project management and marketin in Canada arose, she jumped at the chance.

Since 2012, she's been living in Canada with her family, working in construction, and dabbling in writing and web design.

She's self published a few books, and because she's been frustrated with what is out there for emerging authors, she combined all her passions to create

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How to Emigrate without an AttorneyRevHow to Emigrate without an Attorney

Drawing on her experience handling her own immigration, and the endless questions she's had since then, Tamara Aspeling is putting pen to page again, this time to write a user friendly guide to self managed immigration.

This book is designed to help people who are interested emigrating to determine if their case is suitable for self managed emigration, and to give them the tips and tools they need to succeed.

Currently in pre order mode, the title is due to be released onto on 1 September 2017.



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