Inkspott for Authors

Do you really need to use five (or more) different platforms to publish and market your books? Who has the time?!

That's what we were thinking when we created inkspott.

We wanted to give authors a platform where they could publish books, market them, connect with readers and other writers, and more. Because why use five platforms when one will get the job done better?



On, it all starts with your author profile. We link your author profile to your social network profile, your published books, your website and social media pages and more.

Interact is not like other book sites. We're not a digital book marketplace OR a community, we're both. We encourage readers and authors to interact, communicate and engage about the stories they love to read and write.

Publish is the first social media platform, author directory and book community that also allows authors to publish their books, earn industry leading commissions, and track sales online, in real time.


inkspott is, first and foremost, a level playing field. We don't push established authors to the top of the heap, just because they're already famous. If you write great books and want to be found, do it here.


We've got advertising tools built right in. Some are free, like groups on our social network, and author interviews, while others, like featuring your book on the store, and press releases, are available for a small fee.