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  • What is is the ultimate website for readers and writers. Where most of the existing writing sites out there are Read More
  • Where does work? works in most parts of the world, however, if you want to buy books on inkspott, you need Read More
  • Why did you create

      We realised that there are too many steps between readers and writers. There's one site to buy books on, Read More
  • What type of accounts can you have on inkspott?

      Different people want different things from So we created different types of profile to make it easy for Read More
  • Do I have to use all the features on inkspott?

      No. We make all the features available to everyone who uses the site, but it's up to you what Read More
  • Can I delete my account on

      Yes. You are, of course, allowed to delete your personal profile on, and to remove your books from Read More
  • Is available in other languages?

      No. Unfortunately not. We may decide to add more languages as we grow, but for the moment, is Read More
  • Is the site finished?

      Nope. In all honesty, no website is ever really finished. It's always a process and an evolution, and that's Read More
  • How can I contact

      There are many ways to get in touch with us! Send us an email Follow us on Facebook Or Read More
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  • How do I create an author page?

      Creating an author page on is easy! First, you need to register on the site. You'll get an Read More
  • What does an author page cost?

      If you opt for a basic author page, there is no cost for your page, and there never will Read More
  • Do I have to sell my books on

      No. You can have an author page on without selling your books here, but you are likely to Read More
  • How do I manage my book sales on

      Every author who uploads their book to is assigned a "My Book Seller Account" page, where you can Read More
  • How can I tell people I am on

      There are many ways to tell your friends, family and fans that you're on! You can post links Read More
  • How do I join the community?

      If you have joined, you have already joined the community. Visit the community link on the main menu, Read More
  • Can I create a group on the community?

      Yes. Community users can create groups, however, because we want to avoid the sort of spammy groups that are Read More
  • I created a group, but I can't find it!

      We moderate and approve all new groups manually, which means it could take a few days before your new Read More
  • How do I create events on

      Event creation on is a feature of paid author listings. If you have a paid listing, you should Read More
  • How do I add special offers to

      Special Offer creation is a feature of that is available to pro author members only. If you don't Read More
  • Can I add free books to

      You can't upload free books to the bookstore, but you can upload them to your author profile, if Read More
  • What are author packages?

      Author packages are the account options that are available for authors on The basic package, which allows you Read More
  • Can I review myself?

      No. You are not allowed to review yourself on, because that would deliberately mislead readers who trust reviews Read More
  • Can I link to books for sale on other sites?

      No. Unfortunately, just like other sites that sell books, we don't allow our users to link to books for Read More
  • Can I upgrade my account later on?

      Yes. You can start with a free author package and upgrade later on, or you can choose to downgrade Read More
  • How do I delete my account?

      If you want to leave, all you need to do is send us an email, asking us to Read More
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  • How do I review authors?

      Reviewing authors on is easy. Simply find the profile you want to review on the author directory, and Read More
  • How do I review books?

      All community members can review books on the bookstore. You need to be logged in to review a Read More
  • How do I join

      Joining as a reader is easy. Simply visit the Register page, fill in you information, and choose "reader" Read More
  • How do I join the community?

      If you have joined, you've already joined the community! If you are prompted for login credentials, you will Read More
  • Can I invite friends to

      Yes you can! In fact, we'd love you to tell your friends about the site. The more the merrier!   Read More
  • How do I buy books on

      The bookstore is a great place to buy digital books! Because we pay authors one of the best Read More
  • Can I contact authors on

      Yes! One of the reasons we created was to make it easier for readers and authors to connect, Read More
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  • Are reviews moderated?

      Yes. We moderate reviews for several reasons. Firstly, we need to make sure that they are relevant to an Read More
  • What is, and what is not allowed in my review?

      Generally, we like to encourage honest, constructive reviews of authors and their work. Sometimes, those reviews are great, and Read More
  • Do I need to have purchased a book to review an author or book?

      Yes. We don't allow fake reviews on this site, and we need to know that you've genuinely read the Read More
  • I believe a fake review has been added to the site

      We take fake reviews very seriously, and if you believe you've received a fake review, or that any other Read More
  • How do I respond to a review?

      If you have received a review that's less than flattering, and it's a genuine review, that doesn't violate any Read More
  • Can I have a review removed?

      That depends. Generally, if a review is negative but respectful, not in violation of our review guidelines, and based Read More
  • How to get more good reviews

      How to get more good reviews. That's a good question, with a simple answer: write the best books you Read More
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Book Sales

  • How do I add my books to

      You'll find a link on the author menu at the bottom of every page, where you can add a Read More
  • What will I earn from book sales on

      Authors earn 90% of the sale value of their books, less any fees related to payment processing. Payments are Read More
  • How can I track my sales on

      All of your book sales are tracked by your "My Book Seller Account" in the author menu at the Read More
  • When will I get paid for sales on

      In order to reduce the fees that our writers pay, we have implemented a $50 threshold for payments, which Read More
  • How can I sell more books on

      Selling more books on is the same as selling more books anywhere else: write great books, and do Read More
  • What is the minimum I can charge for my books?

      We don't like to dictate what authors charge for their books, however, you should bear in mind that you Read More
  • Can I add free books to

      Yes. You can publish books free on your author profile, but this feature is only available to authors with Read More
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  • What is the community?

      The community is a fully fledged social network. You can add friends, invite them to join, send messages, Read More
  • How do I join the community?

      If you sign up for, you also automatically get access to the community. All you need to do Read More
  • Can I create groups on the community?

      Yes. Currently, to limit the creation of spam groups on, we have limited group creation to one per Read More
  • Can I add friends on the community?

      Yes! The community is a full social network, so you can add friends, just like you would on Read More
  • Can I send private messages on the community?

      Yes. As a fully fledged social network, you can send private, direct messages to users who are your friends Read More
  • Who will see my posts on

      Because is a membership based site, posts on the community are only visible to site members, and because Read More
  • Can I add pictures to the community?

      Yes. You can add photos to your own profile and to your groups. There are limitatations on the size Read More
  • Can I add videos to the community?

      Yes. You can add videos to your own profile and to your groups. There are limitatations on the size Read More
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